Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fresh Cod Fish with Sherry Tomato Sauce (Bacalao fresco con salsa de tomate al jerez)

This is another wonderful recipe for fish - our kids absolutely love it.  I usually use cod but it works well with Icelandic haddock or other white fish because the key is the sauce which is accentuated with a touch of sherry.


two pounds cod fillets
salt and pepper
flour for dusting
olive oil
3 cloves chopped garlic
2 tablespoons parsley
1 small onion
3/4 cup fish broth
1/2 cup dry sherry 
1 bay leaf
1 can diced tomatoes (15 ounces)

Cut the fish in serving-size pieces. Season with a bit of salt and pepper and then dust with flour. Sauté the fish in olive oil on both sides and set aside.  Then sauté the garlic, parsley and onion in the oil until the onion is translucent. Add the fish broth, sherry, bay leaf and tomatoes. Let this mixture simmer a few minutes and then add a bit of flour to thicken the sauce. Return the fish to the pan with the sauce and cook for a few more minutes to allow the flavors to mix.

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