Friday, January 6, 2012

Grilled Tilapia with alioli (Pescado Blanco con Alioli)

Tilapia or any white fish is a delight for children and adults. Spain is the second fish consumer in the world after Japan. Spanish families eat fish at least twice a week. This recipe is a grilled fish with infused garlic oil and a light alioli. When I was growing up we had fish for sure on Fridays and then another day of the week depending on price. It was also a custom that the fishermen's wives would take a basket full of fish and hop on the train, stopping in several towns and yelling out the fish of the day. Now you don't get to see that anymore.


4 Garlic Cloves Sliced
1 Cup Olive Oil
1 Cayenne Pepper

For the Alioli:

2 Yellow Eggs
2 Garlic Cloves
Good Olive Oil 
5 Drops of Lemon Juice

In a cup add the sliced garlic to the oil to infuse the flavor. Let it rest for about 2 hours. Then put the garlic with the olive oil to simmer on low heat. When the garlic starts getting light brown, remove it and set aside. While the garlic is cooking, make the alioli(In a blender, on the lowest speed, we put the garlic until it is puréed, add the yolks and the olive oil little by little. It hasn't had to get the consistency of mayonnaise, when this is done add salt and lemon.) 

Heat the oil in which you cooked the garlic in until it gets really hot, then cook the fish for a couple of minutes or until loose, and then cook the other side. The fish should be brown but not overcooked It should be moist when eaten. Dust the artichokes in flour and fry in hot oil. Serve on a platter after drizzling with the light alioli and garlic.

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