Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Homemade Potato Chips and Onion Duo

How about a cold beer or wine with a free tapa of homemade chips and onions? That would be something that you would get if ordering a drink in Granada or Madrid but in other regions of Spain you will have to pay for it.


3 potatoes finely sliced
3 onions finely sliced
olive oil or vegetable oil
"Maldon" sea salt

If you have a mandolin you can decide how thin you would like to cut your potatoes and onions. Otherwise, you have to work your knife skills.
Fill a deep pan almost half full with olive oil or vegetable oil. When the oil gets really hot, pour the  potatoes in the oil one at a time and stir them, so they don't get stuck to each other. When they get golden brown remove them and put on a paper towel.
Do the same with the onions. Add "Maldon" salt or sea salt. This type of potato, since most  people buy them already made, is called "patatas de churrería," because where they make "churros", they also make chips.


  1. Que idea más buena Nuria! perfecto para un aperitivo o como guarnición, muy buena idea.

  2. Las Patatas de Churrería y cebollas son muy deliciosas. Las Patatas de Churrería y cebollas fueron muy fácil para hacer y nosotros le encanto mucho. Yo vivo en Waunakee, Wisconsin y yo soy de la clase de Sra. Anderson.

  3. Yo me gustan las patatas de cherrería y cebollas porque les tiene el sabor de la sal. Les estan muy facil para cocinar. Yo me gusta esta tapa porque yo no necesito mucho ingredientes. Yo soy de la clase de señora Crane.
    Diego McCormick