Thursday, August 9, 2012

Grilled Figs with Blue Cheese and Honey (Higos a la plancha con queso azul y miel)

This is a recipe that my friend Mary Pat sent me and it has been very successful. I made it a couple of times and never got to take a picture because they disappeared so fast. July, August and September is the season for figs and what a great opportunity to eat them fresh. When I was growing up we had 4 fig trees and we used to climb the thick branches and eat them from the trees, only to pay for such indulgence with a stomach ache. Today, every time I travel by train to Barcelona I see fig trees along the train tracks and into the artichoke fields and they bring me memories of my childhood.


1 dozen fresh figs cut in halves
blue cheese, crumbled

Cut the figs in halves. Put them in a hot pan or on a grill until they get caramelized. Remove the figs from the pan/grill, add the crumbled blue cheese and top with honey. Buen Provecho!!!